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The Shiny Assassin: A Pokemon Fanfic

 This is the main attraction on my site! Its about a young Pokemon trainer named Tessa who encounters some interesting creatures on her travels. Long, but worth it!

Few warnings. This fic does contain angast, which is bad things happening to the main characters. But you have to expect that from a Pokemon fic.  There's no swearing in this fic, so its safe for young people too. Plus, don't push the back to chapters buttons at the end of the chapters, they don't work. Just push the back button at the top of the screen, and that'll get you back easily.




    These are the chapters to my fic. Click on the chapter you want to go to!

Chapter 1: Ruby

Chapter 2: Blue Sky

Chapter 3: The Healing Truth

Chapter 4: Adventure

Chapter 5: Predator

Chapter 6: Silver Twilight

Chapter 7: Another Rescue

Chapter 8: New Home, New friends

Chapter 9: Desert Sands

Chapter 10: Chase and Landing

Chapter 11: Battle

Chapter 12: Gifts and Revenge

Chapter 13: Hatching Joke

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I take no credit for Pokemon, though the individual personalities and names of the individual characters in my Fanfics are original to ME, and ME alone! These are MY ideas! If I see anyone with my characters without my permission... well, let's just hope that doesn't happen, for their sake...

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