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Shining Lake Reserve


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About Me

This is one of those annoying little pages where authors talk about themselves. *hee hee* :)


        Hi! I'm the author! I'm 16 years old (don't be surprised) and, *dun, dun, dun...* absolutely love Pokemon! I also love to write, as if you didn't know that already. I live in the US. 

        I'm currently working on six stories at the same time (which is a big job for anyone), plus I'm trying to make my first website, which you are now viewing! My next story is also a Pokemon Fanfic, and is now in the Creating Process (which means it's pretty close to being finished).  It's called Tear of the Ocean, since I finally got Dark One done. I still have to work out all the bugs in the site though, what a tiring and frusterating job!(did I spell that right? frusterat- whatever...)

      I'll probably write more as time goes on and I gain a personality :p Bye!


Why is there a picture of Cheese?

Job? I'm only sixteen, people!

I may not have a job, but I certainly work hard in school. I want to be an artist and writer, and perhaps make my own movies based on my novels. That would be fun. I definatly have enough ideas!


Hey, list my hobbies? Okay...

Pokemon, writing, collecting stuff, watching movies, internet, art, etc.

List my favorite music? If I could remember the names...

Um... Evenessance...uh, I can't remember any more, but I do like a lot of bands.

Favorite Pokemon?

Flygon, no other can match its beauty and grace...