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Shining Lake Reserve
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Welcome to Shining lake Reserve, where both wild and trained Pokemon roam. The only trouble is, you never know which kind will appear... 
Hi. This is my Fanfic site for*dun, dun, dun* Pokemon! *yea* I've put some great stories on this site that I myself made. Tell me if you like 'em!

Now go have fun reading!


Special thanks to Iveechan for the picture. Thank You!

What's up?

These are my updates to tell you how I'm doing with my stories! I may say other stuff to, so keep checking up.
10/3/03- Ugh, been a while, hasn't it? Chapter names were added to Dark One, but the chapters can't be viewed yet. Small hint about what the fic is about if you look closely ;) New Page for Tear of the Ocean, but it won't be finished for a while anyways. Until then, I hope that the links for my first fic come soon, and an aplogetic goodbye to you all...
9/20/03- Hey, how is everyone?! I just fixed some problems, no thanks to the web hosting *dark look at answer page*, so now the entire fanfic should be up in a week or so. Check back for a few days if it isn't. Bye for now...
7/10/03-Did a new layout for where Dark One will soon be. It matches the darker theme of that particular fanfic more than this one does. Still working to get the second chapter of my first one up. Bye!
7/7/03- Yea! The first chapter is now officially fixed! Now anyone who wants to read it can!!!!!! WOOOOOO!
7/3/03- Got my second fanfic finished, so it'll probably be up. Sorry to anyone who wanted to read the short storys, but i'm taking them off as soon as I fix that annoying problem. You can still read them if you go to and look up username crystal_rex, that's me ;)
7/2/03- Slight problem with the fanfics. I'll get it fixed, Don't worry! Then everyone will be able to read them!
6/24/03- I've just decided that my two short storys are limited editions until my new fanfic is finished. Read them quickly, before the're gone forever! Oh, and I got a counter too! Now I can tell if people actually visit my site!

6/23/03- Hey! I just started my own Website! I'm so happy! It already has the fic and everything on it! Yea!